Inmersión en el Masaje Ayurveda.

Este curso de masaje Ayurveda  esta centrado en «la ciencia de la vida y la longevidad«. Esta practica milenaria trata a las personas, no solo las dolencias. Es una teoría de medicina holistica ayuda a optimizar las funciones del cuerpo y de la mente. La Ayurveda es una herramienta muy poderosa con la cual ganaras control sobre tu vida, y conseguir una nueva perspectiva realzando tu salud.


masaje ayurveda

Curso de 6 dias, masaje Ayurveda con Anna Franzese en Ibiza, del 19 al 24 de Julio de 2019.

masaje ayurveda en ibiza

Durante estos seis dias aprenderas sobre la ciencia de la vida y ganaras un amayor conexion sobre tu mente, cuerpo y espiritu.

con anna franzese

Anna Franzese

Anna Franzese is a specialized Ayurveda teacher and healer with more than 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. Her journey starts working in the beauty industry more than ten years ago when she discovers her passion massaging people. Anna’s training it is vary vast as she is trained in many types of massages from the Thai to the Balinese massage. Although her life has a turning point when she mets India. During her first trip to India three years ago Anna established a deep connection with her self and her inner force. Through Yoga practice and meditation techniques she established a unique empathic energy healing style and developed a particular sensibility to aloud the energy of Spirit (Universe) to channelize in a way to guide, rejuvenate and empower others. At this point Anna understand that is time to deepen her knowledge and elevate her passion in helping people. She starts practicing Reiki, learning about chakras, nadis and universal energy. She develops her skills then start giving healing treatments as Emotional Blockage Realizing allowing the prana (Vital energy) to flow freely through the body. During her journey in India that will last for the following three years she starts studying Ayurveda and found her second love. Her passion grows more and more till she becomes Spa Manager of a renovated Ayurvedic Spa. From that moment in charge also of the training of the therapists after 2 years of intensive course starts teaching Ayurveda. Anna is actually a well known teacher in Mysore, south India and whenever she comes back to Europe she tries her best to keep sharing her passion and knowledge empowering people and teaching for to improve their lives.